CL : Chapter 51 – Love Is Blind

(Title – 恋は盲目 – Koi wa Moumoku – Love is Blind)


The weekend has finally ended. Students would soon be back to school for another week of fun and learning. The universities and schools would soon be bustling with groups of students diligently going to their respective classrooms. This beach fun was rather short, but it was worth the while.

Naoki just got home to his apartment from Wakayama with his friends. It was almost midnight and he laid comfortably on his bed, yet he could not sleep even if he was tired from all of the activities that they did at the beach. Memories fleeted in his mind and flashed right before his eyes. This unexpected first was truly baffling and, unexpected.

On their first day in Wakayama, the group decided to go to their own destinations. Ryū and Kichirō went in a different direction, leaving the three behind.

There was an awkward silence between the three. Naoki looked at Aiko, flashed a smile, then said: “Okay, Maki-san, please accompany me today as what we have discussed earlier. I need to buy some souvenirs and also look at what they have for sale in their business district.”

Aiko glanced at Ken, who happened to be looking at her, too. When their eyes met, Ken started making faces, hinting Aiko to proceed with their plans earlier.

Naoki noticed this indirect communication between the two so he instantly felt there was something brewing that was unfavorable for him. “Ano~ if you two have plans, I’ll go ahead.” Without waiting for the two to respond, he turned around and headed toward a particular direction.

“Wait! Naoki-kun, I can’t go with you. My tummy’s not feeling well. I think I have diarrhea. I’ll go back to the hotel, so I’ll see you guys later.” After anxiously saying this, she flurried back to the hotel lobby, leaving the two behind, but before she left, she secretly tucked a piece of paper in Ken’s pocket.

Naoki looked back then gestured an “oh” with his mouth. When he caught sight of Aiko’s retreating back, he suddenly glared at Ken.

Ken took a step back, then raised his hands as a sign that he surrendered: “What? I don’t have anything to do with that. It’s not my fault that she has stomachache. Eto~ want me to accompany you instead?”

Naoki measured him with his eyes from head to toe, then he rolled his eyes. I know you’re up to something no good, he thought to himself. “What did you offer her to make her leave? I know you’re planning something,” he voiced out his own thoughts.

Ken dodged the other boy’s glaring eyes. He was obviously guilty of something. “Uh, nothing. Oh hey, I know a place where they sell good stuff. Maybe I can accompany you there,” Ken intentionally changed the topic.

Naoki crossed his arms on his chest then pondered over it for a few seconds. After thinking over it, he nodded in agreement with the other boy. “Just make sure you’re not up to something bad,” he warned the other.

“I’m a good boy. Especially when it comes to my wife,” Ken wryly smiled.

“Stop calling me your wife. I didn’t give you the permission to do that,” Naoki narrowed his eyes.

“So, can you give me the permission then?” Ken shamelessly asked.



After the two boys agreed on where to go, they leisurely walked along the sidewalk. The sun was not especially hot as it was already in the second half of the afternoon. The cool breeze coming from the coasts also made those with a heavy heart get rid of their burdens in an instant.

Naoki was walking ahead of Ken. He did not talk, as if he was walking all by himself, but he could sense that someone from behind him was earnestly gazing at him. He pretended that he did not notice this and just continued checking on the list that he had for the things that he needed to buy.

The lovestruck Ken obediently followed Naoki from behind. He was just like a snake who could not hear, yet obediently followed the charmer. He was obviously captivated by the other boy, ever since he first met him. Naoki made him very curious as he was the first who developed some sort of resistance to Ken’s flirting. While he was in a daze, he suddenly remembered the paper that Aiko tucked into his pocket. He took it out and carefully read through the notes.

Number 1: Make sure to follow whatever commands he makes. Don’t disobey your wife in any way.

“I can do that,” he muttered then continued reading.

Number 2: Find out what he likes and talk about it.

“Hmm, this is a bit hard,” he said to himself as he stroked his chin. A thought suddenly flashed in his mind, “Lemme ask Kichi.” He took out his phone then texted Kichirō.

Ken: Kichi! Tell me what Naoki likes. Hurry. XD

He looked at the screen of his phone as he waited for the other boy to respond but there was no response. He pursed his lips and put the phone and the paper back in his pocket. “He may be busy kissing Ryū. Oh, that guy. He’s so lucky with Kichi,” After putting the distractions back in his pocket, he looked straight ahead, only to see that Naoki was missing. He looked all around. His heart was beating loud, worried about what could have possibly happened to his beloved. As he was searching all over the place, he saw a familiar back, bending over toward a stall that was selling some souvenirs.

Ken frowned because he was worried about him but also felt relieved that he was okay. He walked over toward Naoki’s direction, then stood behind Naoki, who was still bending over, busy checking out some goods.

The lady vendor caught sight of his handsome visage, so she smiled sweetly, but she saw how awkward he was as he stood there. Ken was standing behind Naoki, as if they were doing the doggy (If you know what I mean). Several black vertical lines were drawn over the vendors face, then she blushed seeing this.

Naoki, who was unaware of the other boy’s presence behind his back, unconsciously took a step backward. He then felt something bump into his behind. He looked back and saw the mighty Ken, grinning as he stood like an idiot behind him. He frowned. What even made it worse was when he caught sight of his bottom snuggly touching Ken’s front part.

“Shameless!” He growled.

“What did I do?” Ken worriedly asked.

“Go bow down and repent,” Naoki furiously said.

Without any hesitation, Ken bowed down and even knelt on the ground as he hugged Naoki’s thigh. He then pleaded, “I’m sorry. My wife is the best. I won’t do anything shameless again.”

Three vertical black lines were drawn on Naoki’s face. The vendor who saw this even turned away, ashamed of what she saw and heard.

“Hey, stand up. People are staring at us,” Naoki changed his tone and even tried to pull Ken up.

“Promise me first that you won’t get mad again,” Ken continued to hug Naoki’s leg, just like an octopus binding its prey.

Many people saw this so that some of them even stopped to watch at them, wondering what two handsome guys were doing in the middle of the crowd. “Are they filming a reality TV show?” One onlooker murmured.

Naoki looked around them and saw people whispering and acting as if they did not notice that the two boys were already aware that they were talking about them. He started to blush with his ears evoking a tint of red. He awkwardly smiled then squatted to urge the other boy: “Okay, okay. I promise, but please be less shameless.”

Ken beamed when he heard this. He was really happy in his heart. “Let’s go then. I want to go somewhere,” he happily stood up. He took out a thousand yen from his wallet, handed it over to the vendor, took the goods that Naoki bought, then dragged the other boy away.

The vendor was left dumbfounded as she looked at the bill in her hand. “Sir, wait! Your change!” It was already too late, they were gone.

As the two ran away from the crowd, they found an alley and stopped there for a while. Ken leaned on the wall and heaved a deep sigh: “God that was awkward! Ha ha!” He laughed.

“So, you know how to be ashamed, too?”

“Of course, I do.” As he said this, he looked at Naoki and then smiled.

Naoki felt a chill run up his back, toward his scalp. He knew this perverted smile very well. “I hate that smile,” his lips twitched.

“What? Girls dig it,” Ken rebutted.

“I’m not a girl, okay,” Naoki followed.

“Oh,” he finally realized why his charm would not work. Soon afterwards, his phone vibrated in his pocket. It was Kichirō’s text message.

Kichirō: He’s a boring guy. I’m not particularly sure what he likes. Maybe something educational? He hates sweets. I tried sharing my cake with him before, but he refused. Ken-senpai, ganbatte ne. Ryū and I will be cheering for you.

Ken: Kichi, domo! =) I have an idea.

Ken sheepishly smiled then put his phone back in his pocket. “Sorry about that. Just some… er, stuff from the team.”

“How come I didn’t receive any message? I’m from the same team,” Naoki curiously asked.

“Oh, ano~ it’s for official business. Nothing to worry about,” Ken reasoned.

“Okay, so where do you want to go to pull me all the way here?”

“Since you already bought your souvenirs, wanna go to Wakayama Castle?” Ken suggested.

“Why do you want to go there?”

“Well, I’m just curious. Maybe we can learn something.”

“Like what?”

“Hmm, I dunno, maybe you’ll find out how charming I am,” Ken chuckled.

Naoki chuckled as well but suddenly elbowed Ken on his tummy.

“Ouch! Why’d you do that for?”

“You’re so full of yourself.”


To be continued…